The Membership Database

The membership database is incorporated into the diary, therefore making it easy to record member appointments.

One of the key components of information requirements for any business is effective database management. All prospect and member details are recorded and again the database product can be tailored to your exact requirements including storing member photographs.

The diary shows whether prospects or members attend or not, by simple colour shading. Screen views of the diary can be shown for all staff, or individual staff members, or appointment types. Again another very useful tool when analysing your staff time requirements in a busy club.

The diary system is not just a diary. When the prospect attends their guest visit, their details can be printed out before the visit to the club. Full integration is made with the Ryburn Member Database. The diary package also incorporates the superb Ryburn Club Business reporting system. This is specifically written suite of programmes which outputs staff and club results in an Excel spreadsheet in real time. And it can be fine tuned to your requirements.

YOU can now find out how many enquiries you have had at the club, conversion results per member of staff, who has attended guest visits, which member of staff has enrolled these prospects, and the club results for the day, week, month and year to date. With the Ryburn Club Manager, you really will know what is happening in your club! Ltd, PO Box 11, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1YB
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