The Ryburn Club Logger has a wealth of experience in designing and testing database structures, including extensive work in web sites and e-commerce.

The club diary package just would not be complete without the Ryburn Logger. We have researched long and hard to find the ideal member attendance logging system. As we have seen on many occasions, barcode readers are frankly not accurate. What do you do if the member forgets their card? You can hardly tell them off and refuse them entry into the club!

We feel we have the answer.
We have designed and built the Ryburn Club Logger. When the member joins

the club they are allocated their membership number. When they come down tothe club they simply enter their number just like entering a PIN number for a cash machine. On your club VDU the screen will show a list of members names and immediately show their name just in case a member keys in the wrong number. The logger also has an illuminated VDU, and a specific message can be shown to the member when they log on.

No club can survive never mind make a profit in the long term unless the club generates many member referrals. And obviously a member is unlikely to recommend the club to their family and friends if they are not using it themselves. And a member doesn't get their desired results of weight lose, toning and more energy if they don't attend! Service is the key and a club must understand member usage.

The Ryburn Club Logger will provide full reports to the club owner on member usage PER MEMBER. Again these reports can be designed to your requirements. Ltd, PO Box 11, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1YB
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